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The truth is I must say this game is really good and nice effects for the battle and I can notice well the edition and updating ith som...

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Wesley Nicholas Wilde :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 0 3
Jackie Vincent Gehite :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 2 3
Mature content
JJ Harley Olsen :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 0 3
Fenrir the legend warrior god of blizzard :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 1 5 Allio Dennise Hydialys :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 1 9 Marcy Kurl PouPoupi :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 1 34 Samidare Wave Noemi :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 5 31 Cyril Serenity :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 5 0 Cynthia Lyra Melodias :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 4 10 Anniversary Gift :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 5 9
Mature content
Peaches Trish Williams :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 1 122
Mature content
Clara Faith Mailline :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 2 27
Nicole Terra the german shepherd :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 5 43
Mature content
Clash of The Cyberworld :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 3 7
OC Meme: Nicole Terra the German Shepherd
1. OC Name: Nicole Terra Yllida

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OC.
3. Tag people to do this meme

1.What is your name ?
"Oh my name is Nicole, Nico for short"
2.Do you know why you were named that ?
"Well my dad was named Nico, so they decided for Nicole as my name"
3. Are you single or taken ?
"Well single"
4. Any Abilities or powers ?
"I'm a pregnancy priest, I can make myself pregnant with an undetermined amount of sweet puppies! Also I'm a strong earth-bending meister that can even move an entire mountain"
6. What is your eye colour ?

7. How about your hair colour ?
"Brown with yellow, I like to make two hair tails since it's really long"
8. Have you got any family members ?
"Oh yes, my mommy, daddy, five sisters, and my whole pack of puppies!"
9. oh ? How about pets ?
"I don't really have pets"
10. That's cool , I guess. Now tell me something you don't like
:iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 2 63
Skyla Danielle Alleika :iconsoftwinter:Softwinter 1 0



Wesley Nicholas Wilde
Guys, I think I definetly nailed it with this design this time! This is the absolute design for my Zootopia OC Wes Wilde! I hope you love the design!

Name: Wesley Nicholas Wilde
Age: 14
Specie: Artic fox
Eye Color: Green(right) and red(left)
Fur Color: White with black markings on his muzzle
Personality: Almost cynical as Nick, he's very sly but decides to leave everything to luck to see where it leads him to, he has passion for poetry and likes to play the guitar and piano sometimes, he doesn't do well with being bossed around, specially less by girls, he doesn't like fighting but only does it if he really has to, he's honest and sensible when he opens his heart to others but he follows Nick's motto "Don't let them see they got to you" and makes himself the tough no matter what and doesn't open to anyone very often
Family: Nick Wilde, red fox(stepfather)
            Tiffany Wilde, artic fox(stepsister)
            June Sally Wilde, artic fox(mother, deceased)
            Judy Hopps, grey bunny(legal teacher)
            Jay Neon Wilde, artic fox(older brother, missing)
            Travis Benny Sleth, brown lynx(best friend and stepbrother)
            Savage Wilde, artic fox(second killer personality)

BACKSTORY: He was born after his big brothe Jay in Tundratown in a storage and was raised by her mother and father, when his father went missing her mom had to raise both boys by herself, they got moved to the Central city and got a better life, until at the age of 8 years old Wes was diagnosed with MPD(Multiple Personality Disorder) and his second self was really dangerous and it was hard to get him a school, as he aged 9 years old he wanted to join the scouts and help people, his mom amde him a scarf before he went there, as he was there the kids ambushed him putting a muzzle on him, one of the kids grabbed a knife and stabbed him countless times all over his body, they ran away in that rainy night leaving him bleeding. Nick found him yelling and crying trying to speak without puking blood, three months in the hospital he went to see Wes and after his mom's murder by Wes's paws he proposed to adopt him, six years later he created his own crew with other kids that suffered the same as him and so he became the leader of the crew known as "The Seven Deadly Hazards" in their new school, besides his body was weakened by his wounds he lives the life to the max, and after a experiment he went through, he was able to resist Night Howlers and control electricity, he now at 14 years old controls himself and Savage after a shot to the chest he took taht almost kills him, successfully he got up back to live again. He always thought Judy as the "Most hottest and kindhearted bunny he met in Zootopia"

Zootopia© Disney

Wesley Nicholas Wilde© me :iconsoftwinter:
Jackie Vincent Gehite
This is a really special character I amde up for my cousin but I wondered why not upload it here? So he's here now! I hope you like him guys ;)

Name: Jack"Jackie"Vincent Gehite
Age: 15
Specie: Husky/Akita Inu hybrid
Gender: Hermafrodite(both male and female)
Eye Color: Brown
Fur Color: Brownish orange
Personality: Nice and kind, he likes a lot to cook...and eat the food he prepares sometimes X3! Also beingr wally playful and full of energy, he always looks to the bright side of everything being very optimistic even in the worst of situations, he becomes very sensible by hearing critiques about the plates he prepares, specially ice creams since his family has a long tradition with preparing it, he's very sociable and loves to make new friends and be petted behid the ears and the tail.
Family: Jenny Falcon Gehite, white husky wolfess(stepmother)
            George Ash Gehite, Akita Inu(father)
            Sander Henry Gehite, akita Inu(grandfather)
            Bernice Amelia Gehite, brown akita Inu(grandmother)
            Jake Nomi Gehite, grey wolf(stepbrother)

BACKSTORY: He was born in germany with his family in a prosperous land where the most abundant thing was the food, he lived in peace with his mom and dad until he was 6 years old when his mother fell from a cliff by a driving accident, he was very sad for eight years, when he aged 15 years old his father got married with his stepmother Jenny and so he met his brother Jake that shared the same love for food he had, he got to America with his family thanks to his natural talent of cooking, he became the most skilled chef in both countries, now today he's a celebrity but he always has time for his friends.

Jackie Vincent Geithe© me :iconsoftwinter: and my cousin :)
JJ Harley Olsen
Heya guys! Here I have another OC you'll like a LOT! She's JJ! A great and sexy black panther with a aim that exceels above others!

Name: JJ Harley Olsen
Age: 26
Specie: Black panther
Eye Color: Orange
Fur Color: Black
Hair Color: Blue
Personality: She's intense and very risky, a great combination for such adventurer likeher, she likes strong emotions and gets excited easily when someone wants a weapon from her, it's hard to get her broken abd she's like an ilimited power plant with breasts and a rough attitude sometimes but she can be nice to her close people. She loves a lot any kind of guns, specially shotguns.
Family: Jan Rillia Olsen, white panther(mother)
            Jack Harley Olsen, black panther(father)

BACKSTORY: She was raised since she was a cub by both parents in a wolr full of fights 24/7 all the time so she was trained to learn to defend herself, when she aged 13 years old, she got interested in making weapons and three years later to use them, after her father's death, her mom knew the world they lived in was all ,ost so she used her last resort to keep both alive, she used a charm to join both in one body as JJ aged 24 years old so they would live forever and take turns to who would be in charge each two thousand years accordingly the date they joined in one, two years later she went ina expedition by herself as she met her new life along the new black dragon king, nowdays she still does her best to go throygh the the truth behind her father's life and demise.

JJ Harley Olsen© me :iconsoftwinter:
Fenrir the legend warrior god of blizzard
Honestly, I made this OC inspired by the Nordic legend of "The Great Wolf Fenrir" (sorry if I got it wrong) and I really liked how it ended and I hope you do as well :D!

Name: Fenrir
Age: 67 years(formerly), 10 years old(actually)
Specie: Big grey wolf
Eye Color: Purple
Fur Color: Grey
Personality: Quiet and somehow cold to hide his inner low self-esteem and his sensible personality, he acts tough to stand up for his friends and wife. He's very brave and a bit impulsive, has strong ties with Winter.
Family: Serenity Zen Miracles, red wolfess(wife)

BACKSTORY: He had been living long journeys in his way to reach godhood along with his wife since they got married when he was 30 years old, he was known as the legendary wolf that beated countless gods and goddesses in the way, he was rebirthed as a god by the Black Diamond dragon goddess as his wife was rebirthed by another goddess, now today he's training in his new life.

Fenrir Miracles© me :iconsoftwinter:
Allio Dennise Hydialys
A new OC has came! Her name is Allio! A ninja blue swallow that rose up from her dark past in mafia, I hope you like her ;)!

Name: Allio Dennise Hydialys
Age: 27
Specie: Blue swallow
Feathers Color: Dark blue, with white and black
Eye Color: Green
Personality: Timid and really reserved, she only entrust her most deepest secrets to her close friends and her boss, she's also philosophical about some interesting conversation topics as she's relaxed and serene that helps her on rough discussions and loves sunflowers.
Family: Dan Mario Sunnet, dingo(mafia family boss)
Ian West Hydialis, blue swallow(father)
Linna Carla Hydialis, blue swallow(mother)

BACKSTORY: Since she was little, her great interest were the books when her mother wrote a sleeping story for her at 3 years old, she grew up knowing her father was in troubles with his legs disease so she started as nurse at 14 years old, she took care of him by two years, then a mafia family took her after the incident when her parents died four years later, as she aged 20 years old she got named the right hand of the current young boss and personal bodyguard, now at 27 years old she became the loyal family's protector.

Allio Dennise Hydialis© me :iconsoftwinter:
Hey guys! I have the notice for all the fans of fatties or fat furs and such! Here is a group on discord that discuss and talks about everything related to fat furs, rp with fat/stuffing themes, drawings, music, videogames, voice chat and more! Here's the link if you wanna join and we're gonna have soon a fat OCs channel for it!: . Hope you join soon ;)!


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Hi! I'm here to start again as a new deviant to begin this 2017 with a clean slate and start again! I hope we keep getting along as true pals :D!!!

My best friends:

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My Senpai~ :






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